Key takeaways from Advancing your tax career – Patrick Stodel

March 16, 2023

Jack Hart recently hosted our first webinar the US – Advancing your tax career, where he asked our panelists about their elevated strengths. We asked each to highlight one in particular that has helped them progress and stand out amongst their peers during their well established tax careers.

What is a strength you feel has elevated you above your peers throughout your career?

One of our panellists was Patrick Stodel, VP Global Tax , West Pharmaceutical Services. Patrick shared with us his key strength, of being able to pivot. He mentions you need this quality in your tax career to adjust and identifty when a pivot is needed.

Being able to navigate through relationships with colleagues and stakeholders, accepting critism and learning to adapt to situations are all pivotal points to succeeding in advancing within your tax career.

You can watch the webinar in full here.

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