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Who we are

We are a specialist recruitment consultancy with over 30 years' experience dedicated to the tax, treasury and senior finance markets. 

From our offices in London, Amsterdam, Dubai, and Sydney we service the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Australasia. As part of The SR Group, we extend our reach to a network of 11 offices around the world. Combined with our in-depth knowledge of tax and treasury in different jurisdictions, this allows us to service clients around the world.

​Clients rely on the combination of our global reach and local expertise to help deliver a successful talent acquisition strategy. Our consultants are experienced recruiters, many of whom are from a legal or tax background and have worked in the industry themselves. ​Our extensive network of candidates trusts us to find them the best quality tax jobs, treasury jobs and senior finance roles aligned with their career goals.

Our expertise

We are extremely well-networked with in-house and professional services tax and treasury leaders and the broader tax community, and we are an active contributor to various industry bodies.  ​Browse our areas of expertise below and contact us today.

OUR leadership team

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    Matthew Gravelle


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    Kirsteen Brannigan

    Group Manager

    Tax | In-house

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    Sarah Reid


    Tax | Professional Services

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    Rachael Crocker

    Head of Practice


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    Jon Williams


    Tax | In-house

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    Dalia Jennings


    Tax | Interim

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    Joe Rudkin


    Treasury | Interim