Differentiating your business in a competitive recruitment market 

Author Kyle Linzell
June 7, 2022

Whether you have recruited recently or not, it would be a surprise if you haven’t heard how competitive the tax talent market currently is. Following the post-lockdown hiring boom and the consultancy firms aggressively promoting and giving out pay increases and bonuses, tax candidates have been left with a plethora of jobs to choose from alongside a higher salary expectation.

This might all sound like recruiting in the current market is a bit of a troublesome affair, but having completed a number of successful placements in the past year, it’s not as difficult as you may think. Candidates are realising that opportunities are plentiful, they’ve had their promotions and pay increases, and are now coming to the market to further their careers, to make hay while the sun shines!

So, knowing that candidates will be involved in multiple processes, how does a Head of Tax influence their hiring process to ensure they secure the candidate that they want? We all spoke with candidates that have recently moved to discuss some key points on what they thought went well and what could be improved in some interviews they have recently conducted:

“A clear job description and future vision for the role and team helped me chose my next role”

“Getting to know the Head of Tax and senior leaders within the business helped make my mind up”

“They made it feel like they wanted me to join, the interview was a two-way process”

“A personable and organic conversation made me want to work with that business because I got on with the Director”

“The business knew my expectations, the market rate and moved quickly from seeing my CV to offering me the role. This made me feel valued”

Whilst the above might not be groundbreaking, the quotes are directly from candidates that have been through multiple processes in the last six months. The key thing here is that it implies that not everybody is doing the basics right. If you can get the above points in place for your next interviews, the candidates will have a positive experience, you will ensure you have maximised the interest of the best talent and you should succeed in making the best hire possible.

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