Why use an interim tax solution?

Author Dalia Jennings
February 7, 2021

What are the benefits of using an interim within your tax function?

In these ever-changing and uncertain times that we live in, an interim tax solution can provide you and your team with flexibility and short term support.  Brewer Morris is perfectly placed to help you in this area and this is how.

Who we are: 

We are Amy Thomas and Dalia Jennings, the market-leading interim tax team, with over 30 years of combined interim tax recruitment experience. We have an established network of clients and candidates and have extensive experience in managing recruitment processes across a variety of sectors. We are skilled at supporting both the candidate and the client, particularly in these current times, with the use of video interviewing and remote onboarding

Why might you require interim support in your team?

The most common reasons are:

  • Maternity cover
  • Paternity leave
  • Sickness
  • To cover a gap between a permanent employee leaving and a new person joining
  • Backlog of work
  • Seasonal peak such as a year-end deadline
  • When resource is required but there is a permanent recruitment freeze

What are the advantages of hiring an interim?

  • Candidates are often available immediately, whereas it typically takes three to four months to hire a permanent employee.
  • The business will see results being delivered immediately.
  • Interims are only paid for the actual hours or days specifically worked.
  • Interim candidates can often offer greater experience and capability in comparison to similarly priced permanent professionals.
  • In our view, one of the key benefits of hiring a professional tax interim is the experienced, independent view and expertise that he or she brings, working in a variety of organisations can bring a different perspective and a breadth of knowledge.
  • Interim professionals are cost-effective because they are a variable cost and not a fixed overhead. In addition, they offer flexibility in terms of their availability, working hours, work location and role. The short-term nature of their contract also offers room to manoeuvre when necessary. Professional interims are results orientated and effective in working towards a specific goal and delivering to a deadline.

Contact us

To discuss interim requirements in your team, or the interim market in a general sense, please contact Amy Thomas or Dalia Jennings.

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