Executive Search in Treasury

Author Rachael Crocker
February 6, 2020

Traditionally, the largest corporates and financial services institutions have turned to the leading Search firms when recruiting finance roles within the C-Suite. As the role of the Group Treasurer becomes increasingly strategic and is more often seen as a C-Suite level hire and/or a route to CFO, there is increased focus on how these roles are recruited and the process involved. Typically, a long standing relationship between the CFO and a headhunter will mean that the first call has usually been to a more general senior finance recruiter.

There are many reasons that the large Search firms are a good choice of partner for senior Finance hires…they are well networked with an outstanding reputation, they have a robust process which ensures excellent coverage of the market and they are experienced when it comes to screening and interviewing potential candidates.

Over the last few years, as I have been increasingly focusing solely on the Treasury Executive Search market, I have noticed that there is a trend towards some of the leading businesses in the UK choosing to use a Treasury specialist such as myself to run these very senior mandates. Here I explore a few of the reasons why…

1) Network – The Treasury profession is comparatively small and extremely specialist, working within only this market means that I have a very focused network, which in turn leads to holding deep and long standing relationships with potential candidates. This allows me to be have a better understanding of where to focus the search and makes the initial approach more meaningful than a cold call.

2) Approach – Whilst a specialist recruiter like myself uses exactly the same robust mapping process as the large search firms, I am also able to tap into my extensive network as above. More importantly, the same search approach employed by a researcher in the large firms is delivered by myself which means that an experienced, senior headhunter is carrying out the mapping and making the first contact with potential candidates. My specialist knowledge of the Treasury space means that the screening / interview process is robust and that I am able to test technical capability as well as personality and fit.

3) Priority – Because I focus only on the Treasury market I will typically always have fewer mandates at any given time than the more wide-reaching, generalist search firms. Therefore, my clients realise that they are likely to get more attention and that the role is likely to be a higher priority for me.

4) Track record – We have a reputation for delivery at the very top of the Treasury market and for outstanding customer service, our track record means that businesses trust us with some of the most important mandates in the Treasury profession.

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