Treasury Interim Solutions Panel Discussion

Event date/time: Thu, 31 March 2022 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm BST
Method: Zoom

Join us as we run a series of Interim Solutions panels this year.

Eliot Bates will be joined by 4 members of our Senior Interim and Transformation Panels to discuss :

• The advantages of an organisation using an interim consultant rather than a consultancy for transformation projects

• The benefits of hiring interim resources into a Treasury team

• Examples of projects and ways in which our Interim Panel members have added value to organisations previously

If there’s enough time, you will also have the chance to ask the panel questions at the end of the session.

Watch the full recording here:

This event is now closed. If you would like to join any other Brewer Morris events please visit our events page or contact one of the Brewer Morris Team.