Why work at the Big 4?

Author Marco Li
August 22, 2023

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, opportunities for career advancement are abundant. The decision to either pursue a career within globally renowned firms like Deloitte, PwC, EY, and KPMG or explore other paths in tax is an important one.

Here are seven reasons why a career within one of the largest firms in the UK market is advantageous:

  • Training and development excellence: larger firms heavily invest in training and development programmes across all experience levels. This equips employees with the latest tools and knowledge, whether it’s supporting their professional qualifications such as ACA/CTA/ATT or training in cutting-edge tax technologies. The learning environment empowers employees to excel in their careers.
  • Diverse clientele and projects: a diverse portfolio means employees encounter a broad spectrum of clients, spanning startups to multinational conglomerates. This exposure offers insights into varied business models and challenges, nurturing adaptability and deepening commercial awareness. Every project presents a unique experience and challenge.
  • Advisory and consultation prospects: the Big 4 are renowned for their consultancy services. Choosing a career within these giants opens doors to engaging in consultancy work for a prestigious array of clients. This exposure contributes to professional growth and skill diversification.
  • Fast-track to leadership: the larger firms are recognized as breeding grounds for future leaders. Early exposure to leadership roles (with potential to become a Manager within as little as six years from an Associate level) and a well-defined career progression pathway set these firms apart. Gaining leadership experience significantly impacts career trajectory and gives you more options further down the line.
  • Globally respected brand: the brand recognition of the Big 4 is unparalleled on a global scale. Getting the name of these firms on your CV will not only bolster personal credibility but also opens doors to a wealth of opportunities.
  • Global and mobility: operating across the globe (e.g., PwC’s 800 offices across 157 countries), these firms offer employees the chance to work in diverse countries and cultures. This level of international exposure and mobility is unmatched, surpassing even what many multinational corporations can provide.
  • Work life balance: despite what one would believe, the largest firms in the UK are the most flexible and willing to allow people to work around their personal situations. Due to their size, they have the infrastructure and support to do this and as with most businesses, attitudes have drastically changed since lockdown.

All in all, a career within prominent big firms offers a multitude of advantages. And if you are interested in hearing about opportunities within these large and prestigious firms, please contact Marco Li. You can also view all our job opportunities in practice.

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