Webinar replay: coaching for success – achieve your aspirations

Author Sarah Reid
March 5, 2024

Starting a new role can be exciting and daunting all at once. You will have your own expectations of what success looks like in the long term. There might be a few areas where you know a little help could go a long way. Working with a professional coach could be the answer.

To give you a taster as to how a coaching relationship can be helpful, we teamed up with Clive Fathers and Sarah Lavan from Fathers & Lavan for an interactive virtual fire-side chat on how coaching works and the type of discussions that happen.

Sarah and Clive are both accredited coaches and, as former professional services partners, have personal experience of the issues faced by individuals transitioning into and then undertaking leadership roles in professional services firms, especially in the global mobility space. They apply their coaching skills to help others learn how to support themselves for long-term success. The session discussed what coaching is and how it could help.

We were also be joined by Richard Sham, Tax Director at Wisteria. He has benefited directly from his coaching experience and shared what it had unlocked for him.


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clive fathers

Fathers & Lavan

Clive started his career in the larger accountancy firms, working with many “flagship” clients. 

As he developed his own leadership skills, Clive learnt how a coaching approach can transform the effectiveness of teams and support them in realising their potential, which led him to gaining coaching accreditation with the EMCC (European Mentoring & Coaching Council).

Clive now combines his years of experience in the world of global mobility with his coaching skills to support individuals and businesses in transforming their performance.


sarah lavan

Fathers & Lavan

Sarah worked within the “Big 4” professional services firms in the area of international mobility for over 30 years.

She has in depth experience in all aspects of global mobility, ranging from day-to-day compliance to engaging with the broader business and “C-Suite” on how cross border moves can support its strategic objectives.  

As an accredited coach, Sarah enjoys working with teams and individuals to help create that vital space to think, to plan and to debate.

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