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We are a specialist recruitment consultancy with over 30 years' experience dedicated to the tax, treasury and senior finance markets.

From our offices in New York, London, Amsterdam, Dubai, and Sydney we service North America  the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Australasia.

Our honest and consultative approach truly connects Brewer Morris to our clients. Our clients rely on the combination of our global reach, as well as our in-depth local expertise and knowledge, which allows us the ability to partner with and service clients all around the world. They need a partner who is imbedded in the industry, and in today’s competitive market, they need a partner who they can rely on to truly understand their needs and wants and know what is important to them. Our belief is that hiring the right candidate requires a very human element, and by partnering with both the clients and candidates we, can find the right match for a successful hire.


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    Matthew Gravelle


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    Michael Johnson

    Executive Director

    Tax | In-House

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    Gareth Davies

    Associate Director

    Tax | USA

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    Danielle Terlep

    Associate Director


The Future of Working Remotely

With much of the U.S. starting to ease restrictions and remove stay-at-home orders many are asking when they will return to work.  As some start to do so others have chosen to go in the opposite direction. Many large tech firms have made news headlines with working from home policies until the end of the year and even in perpetuity. Twitter announced the latter for employees who want to continu...

How to succeed in a remote interview

This new way of working is something that even for those of us who are accustomed to remote working may find challenging, especially with a house full of people and perhaps juggling parenting and home schooling with the day job! If you are currently looking for your next role, be it permanent or interim, and are successful in getting an interview, you are likely to have to conduct this from hom...

Showing candidates your company without stepping through the door

Like me, I’m sure many people are actually missing the office environment. The routine, the camaraderie, the chats in the kitchen - these are all things we have become accustomed to. But how much is a candidate not being able to visit your office affecting how excited they are about the role and more importantly, how likely it is for them to accept it. Many businesses are still moving ahead wit...

How to successfully meet your candidate virtually

Many employers are now casting their nets further afield to attract top talent or are in situations where face-to-face meetings and/or travel has become restricted. One of the challenges that comes with this is the ability to conduct a successful interview process, even if the candidate cannot be met in person. Whilst this may be new for you, it has been the standard for many years in other bus...

Our business continuity strategy

OUR BUSINESS CONTINUITY STRATEGY With an international network of five offices including London, Amsterdam, Dubai, Sydney  and New York, Brewer Morris is ideally placed to support our clients on a global basis. We have a robust business continuity plan (BCP) which underpins and ensures an unbroken level of service. WORKING REMOTELY We have utilised cloud-based systems for many years and use glo...


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