Treasury interim solutions panels launch event

May 7, 2022

The Brewer Morris Treasury Interim Solutions Panels officially kicked off last week as I hosted a Webinar to speak about various topics all centred around the key benefits of hiring an independent interim contractor from one of the four panels we have created.  I was joined by four members of our Senior Interim and Transformation Panels ; Shawn McCarthyMark WithecombeTim Canty and David Kelin.  Some of the key discussion points from this Webinar were:

  1. Why an organisation undergoing a transformation should use an interim consultant rather than a consulting company such as the big 4.
  2. How an Interim contractor can work closely with other consulting firms
  3. The benefits of hiring interim resources into your teams
  4. Explain a time when you have gone into an organisation, and added value
  5. At what stage in your career were you able to become a career contractor and how did you know you were ready to do this.

You can view the full recording of the webinar below.