Interview with Lesley Flowerdew

Author Amy Thomas
March 6, 2019

Brewer Morris is proud to be supporting International Women’s Day 2019. International Women’s Day celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. Whilst we all know that gender parity within the workplace has improved over the past decades, we all also know that there is still a long way to go.

We would like to join the discussion and be part of International Women’s Day 2019 #BalanceforBetter campaign on the 8th March by interviewing inspiring women we work with and, in particular, understanding the role confidence has played in their career.

We interviewed Lesley Flowerdew, VP, Group Tax & Treasury, Sage

How do you define confidence, particularly in the workplace?

A willingness to take on new challenges and go after the “impossible” with a belief of being able to deliver.

How do you think the confidence gap affects women?

It can create disengagement, a fear of failure and/or a fear of criticism such that progress and development is stifled with women losing out on opportunities in the earlier years of their careers.

Do you think women’s workplace confidence has improved over the past few decades? Please explain why.

Certainly but I think there is room for significant improvement. We haven’t yet reached a “natural state”.

How important have confidence and self-belief been in achieving your career goals? Please explain why.

They have contributed. Believe in yourself and others will believe in you.

How important is mentoring, coaching and sponsorship in helping women to grow their confidence at work?

Hugely important. Women are still a relative minority in many workplaces so mentoring, coaching and sponsorship can help women navigate the business environment, reduce their perception of isolation and build “confidence boosters” such as optimism.