The Brewer Morris European salary guide provides insight into the key industry trends facing tax professionals. Our report includes both a complete breakdown of salaries, firstly by country then tax specialism, as well as a market commentary for each specific region. We are delighted to have insight from tax leaders across a variety of European countries to support this guide. They highlight the key challenges facing the European market which include: digitalisation, tax transparency & BEPS.

Below is an extract from the Ireland section.

Hit heavily during the financial crisis, Ireland has responded well in recent years with strong GDP growth. This is largely the result of the introduction of several business-friendly measures which have encouraged inwards investment. However, whilst domestic changes to tax law remain unlikely, the Irish market is susceptible to change on the international level and therefore may well be impacted heavily by changes that take place across the UK, US & EU.

With a Pharmaceutical industry worth more than €30 billion in exports promising over 8,000 new jobs over the next five years, and a Technology industry which houses a strong list of multinationals, combined with the EMEA HQ’s of some of the largest global corporates, there is reason for optimism for the Irish market. The Irish-US business relationship is of upmost importance to the Irish economy, especially at a time when the US government have reduced corporation tax to 21% in a bid to encourage companies to return home.