How will tax digitisation affect the profession?

How will tax digitisation affect the profession?

Matthew Gravelle

There is no denying that the digitisation of tax is on the mind of every Head of Tax and Tax Partner across the UK. HMRC's plan to digitise tax by 2020 has been met with some criticism by some Tax Professional's, although it is widely agreed that tax digitisation is a good thing.

Being a former Tax Advisor at one of the Big 4 myself, I am fully away of the issues that my former colleagues and their businesses will encounter. The lack of time to implement software and train staff, along with increased costs and disruption to businesses, are just a couple of reasons why Tax Professionals feel so strongly about this issue.

This topic will undoubtedly gain greater urgency among businesses as the 2020 deadline approaches. In light of HMRC releasing six consultations on this matter, we are extremely interested in the opinions of Tax Professionals. Do you agree with HMRC's 2020 deadline? Do you support the digitisation of tax? What can HMRC do to help businesses?

We have created a short nine question survey the results of this will form part of a thought leadership article that we look forward to sharing with you.