Treasury Manager Jobs in Other Locations

A Treasury Manager leads and manages a Treasury team ensuring that cash and collateral authorisations are monitored, and approved payments are made effectively. This is a vital role which involves the managing of cash, investments and other financial assets. The purpose of a Treasury Manager is to help improve a business’s liquidity and advise the business on key financial decisions involving invested and investable assets.

Typical responsibilities of a Treasury Manager

- Management and staff: Lead and manage and develop the Treasury team (accounts payable, banking, expenses, treasury).
- Responsible for the treasury function, including: liquidity monitoring; managing relationships; and analysis and review of reporting information.
- Collateral monitoring & Transactions: responsible for collateral monitoring, including monitoring the collateral positions, processing collateral transfers and implementation of collateral arrangements for any new treaty wins.
- Investment accounting and reporting: relationship, production of investment committee materials, management of the Solvency II USGAAP and IFRS investment reporting, cross charge procedure

What expertise is required?

Typically, a Group Treasurer is fully-qualified accountant with financial services background. Experience with accounts payable, treasury, collateral and investment accounting are needed.


Treasury Manager Jobs in Other Locations