Our Interim team offers considered solutions that meet your temporary and contract recruitment needs exactly - and quickly.

From the Big 4 and national practices through to the world's largest companies and financial institutions, we are well versed in placing people across all tax and treasury disciplines and levels in a complete cross section of clients.

In the past ‘temping’ and ‘career’ were rarely uttered in the same sentence. However, things have moved on exponentially over the last decade and temping is no longer seen as a stopgap or makeshift solution. Downsizing, global competition and rapidly changing business landscape have conspired to make interim workers a vital part of any strategic staffing plan. As a result, the stigma of temp work as "dead end" has virtually disappeared and interim staff is deemed as a career path.

An interim solution is not only a reliable source of regular, well paid work, it is the single most effective way to broaden your skills base and enhance your CV. If you are looking for permanent employment, keeping your skills sharp in a temporary role will make you more attractive to prospective employers.

Why choose an interim?

Our clients engage interim tax and treasury professionals for a variety of reasons including:

  • project work
  • maternity leave cover
  • extra assistance during busy periods
  • situations where there are headcount constraints for permanent hires

Tax and treasury professionals are attracted to temporary and contract roles for a variety of reasons including lifestyle and flexibility, for those who might like to take a break or travel between contracts and the opportunity to start work at short notice and gain specialist experience across a variety of different organisations.