Treasury looks set to grow

The recruitment market for Treasurers and Deputy/Assistant Treasurers in the UK has been quiet in recent years but this looks set to change. There are still tough times ahead but increased media coverage and discussions about a pick up in M&A, changes to group strategy and other corporate finance activity are cause for optimism. This is encouraging as new treasury roles are likely to be created at director level allowing the senior treasury market to start up again after a few dormant years. Even if corporate finance activity doesn’t pick up in the way many are predicting there is still a significant amount of refinancing work that needs to be done. Either way the challenges faced by corporate functions require seasoned treasury professionals and demand for them is likely to increase over the next 12-18 months.

Further supporting this argument are the results from our recent treasury market report, with 30% of treasurers and their deputies anticipating headcount growth in their function in 2012. The vast majority of these roles are likely to be at the £50,000-£80,000 level as more Treasury Analysts and Managers are hired to support the growing pressure on treasury functions. It’s possible that up to 40% of UK treasury functions will need to recruit externally this year as these figures don’t include the recruitment of replacements needed when a member of staff moves on.

The international treasury recruitment market continues to grow with the profession developing significantly around the world. Candidates that are prepared to be globally mobile, particularly to Central Europe and the Middle East, are more likely to experience rapid career development in the short term.

A Treasurer’s career is built on finding opportunities and managing risk in both good and turbulent markets. The same principles should be used with their job search and career management as there will always be opportunities available to those looking for them, regardless of macro-economic conditions.