Banking & FS

The banking & financial services tax & treasury recruitment market in Europe and The Middle East is expanding. International tax planning, front office support, VAT and transfer pricing specialists are very much in demand and there is increasing recruitment of these professionals within financial services organisations.

Most financial services organisations are large global corporates so there are often tax teams in various locations in Europe and The Middle East.

Internationally recognised tax qualifications are highly sought after within Europe, however due to the amount of financial services trades going through Luxembourg, candidates that are trained in Luxembourg are in particular demand.

Dubai is the main centre in the Middle East for in-house tax advisors within financial services organisations. This location generally acts as the regional tax function serving as the hub for the Middle East, northern parts of Africa and some parts of Asia. As such roles in Dubai tend to be part of large international financial services groups, either managing the corporate structure for the group in the region or looking after the tax reporting responsibilities for the group in the region.

While language skills are not necessarily always required for day to day work, within meetings etc, as English is generally spoken, languages overall are as important as technical experience as it is crucial to be able to liaise with local tax authorities.