Corporate Tax Association and Brewer Morris Partnership

My company has strict supplier agreements for recruitment. Can I still access this CTA benefit?
Each company recruitment policy will be different however many supplier arrangements enable companies to use alternative specialist suppliers at their own discretion. Brewer Morris would recommend members consult with their recruitment / HR team and we are happy to liaise with them direct to resolve any concerns.

My company already works with Brewer Morris. Are we still eligible for the CTA member rates?
Yes, provided the request is submitted by the CTA member benefit portal.

Why would I use the CTA member benefit when we have been successful sourcing consultants in the past?
Through Brewer Morris, members gain access to a larger pool of tax specialists, more flexible availability and significantly reduced risk. Brewer Morris are often able to negotiate better rates with contractors by providing a continuity of work across multiple members / clients.

Please get in touch with Ben Kershaw on the below contact details for more information.