Accessibility Help

Taylor Root - Image of laptop - accessibility

It is very important to us to give all visitors to our website as an enjoyable experience as possible. We appreciate that some people have accessibilities issues, such as difficulty seeing pages on screen or difficulty using a keyboard or mouse, and as a result may not be able to take full advantage of our website in its natural state.

Here we have put together some helpful links to the BBC accessibility pages to help you change your pc and browser settings to adjust the website so you can better utilise it.

If you can’t see very well

Change text and background colours

Change your fonts

Magnify your screen

Make the mouse pointer easier to use

Make your computer speak text aloud

Make your text larger

If you find a keyboard and/or mouse difficult to use

Make your keyboard easier to use

Make your mouse easier to use

How to turn on and customise your on screen keyboard

Alternatives to keyboard and mouse

How to use voice recognition

Use the keyboard to control the mouse

You find words difficult

Check your spelling and grammar

Dictionary & Thesaurus software

Smart word prediction software

Symbol browser software